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Treasury Investment Strategy

Currently, our primary goal is to increase the treasury's value against $AVAX. We are fundamentally invested in the Avalanche ecosystem. We measure profit/loss against $AVAX, and rewards are always paid in $AVAX.

Focused on Avalanche

Yield Farming with a Twist

Our primary strategy combines liquidity providing with an element of swing trading to maximize profits by maneuvering in & out of positions within AVAX-Stable LPs. This approach includes shortfarming, leveraged yield farming, & arbitrage strategies.

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What is Yield Farming?

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Yield farming refers to the use of crypto assets to earn interest through staking, lending, and providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges. Investment strategies of this type can use liquidity pool rebalancing to its advantage by carefully adjusting the composition of assets in an LP to maximize returns and minimize risks. This is our primary method of operation. This can involve regularly buying and selling assets within the pool to take advantage of price movements and optimize the distribution of assets.

We like to utilize the natural rebalancing that takes place within these LPs when prices become volatile in order to turn impermenant loss into impermenant gains!

Smart DeFi with Active Management

Risk management is paramount. Our investment team actively manages our treasury, utilizing strategies that offer high yield potential. However, our philosophy is to focus on preservation of capital above everything else. We believe that our approach allows us to maximize returns for our investors while minimizing the potential for losses.
              "Above all, don't lose money."

                                -Warren Buffet

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We are pleased to announce that our treasury has performed exceptionally well during the recent bear market, with a profit of 16.8% in November and 10.1% in December. This is a testament to our sound investment strategy and the hard work of our team. We will continue to carefully manage our treasury to maximize returns for our investors.

Head over to our Rewards page to take a closer look at the recent treasury performance!

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