Treasury Management

Before putting capital into ANY DeFi product, potential investors should understand exactly how that project intends to manage the treasury, what kind of investments will be made, and exactly how profits will be distributed to investors, team, and back into the protocol. Our actions will always be clearly stated and 100% transparent.

We will never make false promises of unrealistically high-APYs and immediate ROI. Our promise is that we will NEVER hide behind the project or sit on our hands in the background. We thrive under pressure, and we have intentionally created an environment that demands results. The pressure is on our team to deploy the treasury in a way that actively creates the rewards that are paid to holders and stakers. We follow a profit sharing model, turning actual profits into $AVAX and distributing them according to the predetermined plan.

The protocol and the team behind it ONLY profit if you, the investors, profit as well.

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Investment Goals

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Built-in Transparency

All investment data is built into the dApp. Users are able to see all investment history and the past performances of each investment. They'll be able to monitor the predicted performance based on past APY data that is aggregated from farming platforms and read notes about our strategy and rationale for each investment.

Capital Preservation

Our investment strategy is focused on preserving the initial capital and putting it to work to generate profit. We always keep investments liquid in order to enter and exit positions as needed to maximize profits and ensure that the initial assets are never at risk.

Profit Sharing

There are no native tokens, reflections, or rebases. All rewards are paid in $AVAX from the actual profits that are earned from our treasury investments. There will naturally be variability in profits, but this is a natural part of a sustainable investment portfolio.

Safe, Diversified Farming

We will not invest in projects that burn the initial investment, utilize ponzinomics, or have unsustainable business models. We engage in sustainable yield farming with established protocols. We carefully diversify across levels of risk and various asset classes, and we actively manage investments to ensure safe, consistent yields.

No False Promises

We make no promises of consistent, predictable APYs. We make projections based on past and current investment performance and present users with all available data and investment information. Users are able to track investments and make their own predictions based on their assessment of each investment pool's data.

Consistent Growth

Every week, 38% of all profits will be reinvested in order to consistently grow the treasury, utilizing the power of compound interest to build an always increasing pool of assets to bring in a steadily increasing income for our holders resulting in larger reward pools and bigger giveaways.

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Yield Farming

There is a large technical barrier to entry into the DeFi space, particularly in yield farming. We aim to remove that barrier and provide an easy way for anyone to earn farming rewards by purchasing a fun NFT and using our simple, user-friendly staking platform to make investment choices… but why yield farming?

Simply put, yield farming refers to the general use of crypto assets to earn interest. This includes staking, lending, and providing liquidity to decentralized exchange platforms in exchange for a share of transaction fees and other rewards. This makes up the core of the MINI Market Makers investment strategy. When compared to many other methods of DeFi investing, yield farming is a well-established and generally predictable way to earn consistent returns. There are many options within this category that allow investors a significant amount of control over capital and freedom to adjust strategies as markets evolve.

There are several inherent risks associated with yield farming strategies. These include smart contract bugs, hacks & exploits, risk of scams, whale manipulation, and impermanent loss. Many of these risks are inherent to DeFi investing in general, and others can be mitigated with careful diversification and calculated exposure to assets that line up with investment goals and risk tolerance.

Our team has extensive experience actively managing investment portfolios with the primary goal being preservation of initial investment capital. We aim to maximize yield by carefully diversifying across a variety of sectors and risk-levels. We prioritize investments that keep our capital liquid. We actively study the markets and monitor investment performance to ensure that we move in and out of liquidity farms as needed to reach our investment goals. Investment plans are devised based on the underlying narratives that we determine are likely to take place in the market, and we manage our exposure to specific assets based on these narratives. Diversification is a key part of our strategy to ensure that we consistently grow our treasury’s value and minimize inherent risk, without overexposing our capital to any specific investment type.

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Portfolio Diversification

The MINI Market Makers NFTs feature an even distribution of bears, bulls, and frogs. Following our main launch, our treasury will be divided evenly amongst the 3 of them, and each character will manage a separate portfolio that is crafted based on the investment style, values, and strategies outlined within their investment profiles. Each character has been assigned a specific profile that describes who they are as investors. This includes their risk tolerance & how they balance their portfolio, the general market narratives that they believe are important to structure investments around, and the types of projects that they are willing to expose their capital to. Some of this may evolve with the market over time, but the primary variable that separate the MINIs is their risk-adjusted portfolio allocations.

This is our fun way to incorporate portfolio diversification into the overall theme. Prior to the launch of the dApp during phase one, there will be 3 weekly giveaways, 1 for holders of each character. Once staking is available within the application, there will be some pools open to all MINIs and some that are exclusive to the individual characters.

Meet the MINI Representatives

*The displayed APY is not guaranteed. This is a projection based on current market conditions and investment strategies. This projection will vary greatly week-to-week based on the profitability of investments and the ever-changing value of $AVAX and other tokens. Additionally, this projection is purely a prediction of the profits that the protocol's investments will generate. Each user of the platform will earn a different yield based on their own choices within the application such as the pools in which they choose to stake and performance within future "play2earn" interactions.

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Bearish Barney

-Reduced Risk Tolerance

-Most Conservative MINI

-Only Invests in "Blue Chip" 

  Tokens & Proven Protocols

Sample Portfolio Allocation:

Stables & Risk-Adjusted Pairs:   40%

High Conviction, Large Cap:       40%

High Conviction, Small Cap:       20%

High Risk/Degen Plays:                 0%

We project that Barney's portfolio earns approximately 55% APY*

Bogart AVAX Hat.png

Bullish Bogart

-Medium Risk Tolerance

-Willing to Take Calculated

  Risks in Optimal Conditions

-Bets on Quality, Low-Cap


Sample Portfolio Allocation:

Stables & Risk-Adjusted Pairs:   30%

High Conviction, Large Cap:       35%

High Conviction, Small Cap:       30%

High Risk/Degen Plays:                 5%

We project that Bogart's portfolio earns approximately 91% APY*

Danny MIM Chain.png

Degen Danny

-Highest Risk Tolerance

-Aims to Maximize Earnings

-Smart Investor, but unafraid

  of Risk and Volatility

Sample Portfolio Allocation:

Stables & Risk-Adjusted Pairs:   15%

High Conviction, Large Cap:       25%

High Conviction, Small Cap:       35%

High Risk/Degen Plays:               25%

We project that Danny's portfolio earns approximately 182% APY*