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Full Roadmap

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Presale Collections - SOLD OUT

During March & April, we launched 5 presales that included very small, Limited Edition collections of custom NFTs, 200 in total. Early investors have been rewarded with bonuses and ongoing weekly giveaways in addition to the giveaways and future staking utility that comes with owning any MINI. Holders of these presale MINIs will also be able to claim a free mint during the main launch in July.

All 5 of these presale collections sold out immediately!

You can check out these presale MINIs on NFTrade: 

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Main Collection Launch (July 6th - 8th)

On July 6th, 3333 MINI Market Makers NFTs will be released at the cost of 1 $AVAX (.8 $AVAX for WL). There are 6666 more to be released at a later date.


When you mint a MINI, you unlock a BULL, a BEAR, or a FROG. 33% chance of each. Like all investors, each MINI carries their own risk tolerance, and they invest their capital accordingly. During phase one, All NFT holders are given multiple chances each week to earn rewards from the investments of their team's REPRESENTATIVE

1 week following our main launch, the treasury will be divided evenly amongst the 3 MINI representatives and invested in yield generating protocols as outlined HERE. Each representative has a different investment strategy. 3 giveaways will take place each week. 1 for the BEARS, 1 for the BULLS, and 1 for the FROGS. The 3 representatives will use their capital to harvest as much profit as possible, and they will give it to their team's winners each and every week.

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NFT Staking Platform for Earning Yield Farming Rewards (Q3 2022)

In the fall, we will launch our flagship product, an NFT staking platform that allows MINI holders to use their NFTs as shareholding tokens. Users of the dApp will have a variety of staking options. They may want to take a chance at bigger rewards by entering into the 'Giveaway Pools' section to stake their MINI in a pool that draws a specified number of winners. Or if you prefer a guaranteed yield, you can stake your MINI within one of the 'Yield Farming Pools', where all of the rewards earned within that specific pool are distributed evenly amongst all MINIs that are staked within.

Simply put, your MINIs can be moved in and out of different investment pools and giveaways. Acting as your key to interacting with the platform and earning your share of our yield farming treasury! MINI holders will have control over their investments through staking. The various staking options present users with the ability to choose what risk level to engage with and what type/category of assets you want exposure to. You'll have to make decisions on which pools to join based on their past and predicted performance and the number of other MINIs that are sharing that pool.

Built-In Transparency

All investment data is built into the dApp. Within each available staking pool, users are able to see all investment history and the past performances of each investment. They'll be able to monitor the predicted performance based on past APY data that is aggregated from farming platforms and read notes about our strategy and rationale for each investment, allowing them to make informed decisions about which pools to participate in.

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MINI Marketplace and Partnership Integration (Q4 2022)

Near the end of the year, we will launch our MINI Marketplace. This is not for secondary sales. This is a platform-specific marketplace that allows holders to purchase upgrades for their existing NFTs. These upgrades include cosmetic customizations that increase the MINIs "weight" when staked within a pool. For example, a base level MINI is worth 1 share of any given yield farming pool, but a MINI that has been upgraded may be worth 1.5 or 2 shares depending on the upgrades that were added. In the case of the giveaway pools, upgraded MINIs gain increased odds of winning. (i.e. 1.5 or 2 entries into the giveaway)

Eventually new MINI Market Makers NFTs can be minted from this marketplace on a limited basis as we determine that the treasury managers are able to take on new assets to increase our positions or diversify further. 


At this point we will also be opening the platform to other projects with whom we have partnerships. Some of these partner NFT projects will be able to integrate (or even initially launch) their collections into our platform. Initially, partnership collections will be give their own exclusive section within the dApp to utilize the platform for automating their giveaways or implementing their own reward structure within the MINI Market Makers staking format. As these partnerships grow, and the platform proves to be stable, secure, and successful, more comprehensive partnerships will be explored if other collections are interested in fully utilizing all aspects of the platform to bring value to their collections.

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FARM Collection feat. 'NFT Evolution System' and P2E Defense Game

During the final phase of our release schedule, we are launching our most ambitious and innovative MINI Market Makers product. We are still undecided on the official name of the collection, but it features Farmer and Farmland NFTs. Investors will have their choice of which to mint, but you must own a Farmer to be eligible to buy Farmland.


Evolution and Decay

These 'MINI Farm' (working title) collections feature our Evolution & Decay system. Farmer NFTs are used in a way that is similar to the original MINIs. They can be staked within the platform to earn yield farming rewards. However, they feature an XP system that helps them progress through their "life" gaining farming skills that make them more effective farmers.

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Farming Experience (XP)

Each farmer begins with base level farming skills and attributes which means it can be staked for 1 share of any given pool. These NFTs can be upgraded by purchasing farming tools and cosmetic items that will boost the NFT's earning power. Additionally, as a Farmer NFT gains "experience" engaging with the staking platform, it gains XP that determines its advancement across 4 stages of "life"... Beginner, Experienced, Expert, and Retired.


Weighted Staking Pools

Each staking pool is weighted differently and progresses Farmers through each stage based on the XP earned during each staking epoch. (daily, weekly, or monthly) Progression through each of these stages represents cosmetic changes as well as increasing the number of shares that each Farmer holds, improving the NFT's earning potential within the platform. The exception is with retirement. Once the Farmer has lived a full life and completed a full 'Evolution', it advances to the 'Retired' stage. Once retired, the Farmer NFT can no longer be staked within yield farming pools, but is still eligible for the various giveaway pools for the remainder of its life.

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Death and Resurrection

Once the Farmers have led a full life of yield farming and enjoyed all of the giveaway perks in retirement, they all ultimately pass on to the afterlife. Unfortunately, they have unfinished business.... When Farmer NFTs "die", they are not burned, nor do they become useless within the platform. When a Farmer has reached the end of its life, it becomes either a Ghost or a Zombie hellbent on taking back his farmland!


$MINI Tokens & Farmland NFTs

Any wallet that owns a Farmer NFT is eligible to mint a plot of Farmland. Farmland plots are unlike any other MINI Market Makers NFT. They cannot be staked and are not used to earn yield farming rewards. They produce a predetermined amount of $MINI tokens every day much like familiar DaaS "Node" protocols. The difference here is that the $MINI token cannot be bought, sold, or exchanged on any DEX. It does not have any monetary value outside of its use within the MINI Market Makers ecosystem. $MINI tokens can be used to mint new Farmer NFTs and upgrades for existing Farmers.


Defend Your Farmland from the Dead!

Farmland NFTs have a limited, predetermined lifespan. Once this expires, the NFT is burned. Those Ghosts and Zombies we mentioned earlier... they are constantly trying to overrun your Farmland to reclaim it as their own! As the owner of a plot of Farmland, you have the option, once per day, to play our "tower-defense" game, defending your Farmland from hoards of the Dead. If you succeed in holding them off, you can extend the life of your Farmland NFT, visualized by an increase in the associated progress bar. If you are unsuccessful, your progress bar will decrease indicating a shortened lifespan. The difficulty of the game increases over time until it becomes nearly impossible to survive. If you choose not to play, your progress bar/lifespan decreases by a steady, predictable amount. You can extend this lifespan with successful defenses within the game, but eventually it will become impossible to win as the Farmland reaches its maximum lifespan. (i.e. ALL Farmland plots will eventually expire)

Ghosts and Zombies

Once your Farmer NFT expires and your Farmer "dies", it becomes either a Ghost or Zombie. As a Ghost or Zombie, you can participate daily in attempts to overrun other holder's plots of Farmland. When successful, Ghosts/Zombies earn $MINI tokens. As the Farmland plots near expiration, the reward to Ghosts/Zombies increases, and when the plot expires completely, there is a small chance that the Farmland is awarded to the holder of a Ghost/Zombie rather than being burned.

Free to Play Options

After the "MINI Farm" ecosystem and Farmland defense game has been fully integrated into the platform, we have plans to enable Free to Play options for users to play the game and even earn their way into the platform without spending any actual money or valuable crypto.

Once the free to play system is enabled, users will be able to mint 1 free Apprentice NFT per wallet. Apprentices can play the Farmland defense game for free, helping Farmland owners defend their land. As a Farmland plot owner, you can choose to allow Apprentices to assist with farm defense. When an Apprentice defends your plot successfully, you earn a small daily boost in $MINI token rewards, and the Apprentice earns $MINI tokens. While it may take a fairly long time, Apprentice NFTs that were minted for free, could eventually earn enough $MINI tokens to purchase a Farmer NFT, earning yield farming rewards at no initial investment cost!

*The Farmland images above are placeholder images. These are not images of the actual Farmland plots; however, our plots are being created using a similar style within Blender and Unreal Engine. All of the above information is subject to changes and adjustments based on testnet performance over the summer as we finish the development of the game and overall tokenomics. A full, detailed description of the entire platform including asset previews and specific tokenomics, Farmer evolution/progression, and NFT decay/lifespan variables will be spelled out within our WHITEPAPER. (coming later this year!)