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Treasury Rewards

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We are dedicated to ensuring that our NFT holders receive fair and transparent rewards. Since we started investing at the end of July 2022, our treasury has seen strong performance, with an average weekly profit of 3.4%.

On the first day of each month, we calculate the profits earned in the previous month and distribute them accordingly. 50% of the profits are given to NFT holders and 38% are reinvested back into the treasury to provide compound growth. The remaining 12% are allocated to general operations and project development, to help ensure that our project continues to thrive and grow.

Overall, our goal is to provide holders with consistent, predictable rewards for their support, while also ensuring that our project remains financially stable and able to continue making progress. By carefully managing our treasury and distribution of rewards, we believe we can achieve this goal and provide long-term value to our community.

November 2022


MINI Share:







December 2022


MINI Share:








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*The displayed APR is not guaranteed. This is a projection based on current market conditions and investment strategies. This projection will vary greatly week-to-week based on the profitability of investments and the ever-changing value of $AVAX and other tokens. Additionally, this projection is purely a prediction of the profits that the protocol's investments will generate. Each user of the platform will earn a different yield based on their own choices within the application such as the pools in which they choose to stake and performance within future interactions with the ecosystem.

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NFT Staking Platform

We are currently working on our NFT staking application. This is an interactive platform that allows MINI holders to use their NFTs as shareholding tokens to earn yield farming rewards. The platform offers two main staking options: "Giveaway Pools" for a chance at bigger rewards, and "Yield Farming Pools" for guaranteed yield. Users can move their MINIs in and out of different pools and giveaways, acting as the key to interacting with the platform and earning their share of the yield farming treasury. They have control over their investments through staking and can choose their level of risk and the type of assets they want exposure to.

The platform provides transparency by displaying all investment history and past performances within each available staking pool. Users can monitor the predicted performance based on past APY data and read notes about the strategy and rationale for each investment. This allows them to make informed decisions about which pools to join. 

Our staking platform will allow users to claim their rewards and grow their investment portfolio through the use of their NFTs. The platform's staking options, built-in transparency, and user-friendly design make it easy for users to manage their investments and track their performance.

Once the dApp is live, automatic monthly reward distribution will end, and rewards will be distributed and claimed directly through the application on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on which staking pools you choose to participate in.

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