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The official token of the MINI Market Makers ecosystem.

Why $MINI ?

The $MINI Token (officially called 'MINI Bits') is the official token of the MINI Market Makers Ecosystem. It does not hold direct monetary value in the form of an exchange rate with another token or currency. However, it does have a clearly defined value in terms of its utility. $MINI will be the primary way that future MINI Market Makers NFTs and other products will be purchased. MINI Bits can be purchased directly from our website and on the dApp for a price of 1 $AVAX per 10 $MINI. This price will remain constant. 0.1 $AVAX will always = 1 $MINI even as this company grows into a new and ambitious future.

It is important to note that the $MINI token will not be associated with the treasury, and it is not at all tied to the holder's claim to investment rewards. It will, however, likely be integrated into our staking application as an incentive token to make less popular staking pools more enticing as well as to reward holders who choose an optional locked staking period within certain reward pools.

Over the coming weeks and months, there will be several other uses for the $MINI token as well, as we aim to consistently create new utility, partnerships with other projects, and various other ways for the token to gain intrinsic value through its utility and purchasing power! 

How to add $MINI to your Metamask Wallet:

To view a new token within your web3 wallet after minting, you'll need to import the token by adding the smart contract address. Metamask users can do this by following these instructions:

1. Go to to view the contract and copy the address. Or you can copy it from here: 0xDB37F2b6498d2afB836220ff0403ec618f415903


2. Once you've copied the address:
Open Metamask > Select 'Assets' > Click 'Import Tokens' > Paste in the Contract Address > Click 'Add Custom Token' and you'll see your current token balance > Click 'Import Tokens' and you're done!


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