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The official token of the MINI Market Makers ecosystem.

Who can claim?

The $MINI Token is currently only available to MINI Market Makers NFT holders who have a purple airdrop on their MINI or a purple stork on their MICRO. It is also available to a limited number of wallets who have earned them through games, giveaways, and competitions. Only wallets that have been whitelisted will be able to make a claim below. If you believe that you have a claim to some $MINI, but are unable to do so, hop into the discord to create a support ticket, and we will get it sorted out right away!

How to add $MINI to your Metamask Wallet:

To view a new token within your web3 wallet after minting, you'll need to import the token by adding the smart contract address. Metamask users can do this by following these instructions:

1. Go to to view the contract and copy the address. Or you can copy it from here: 0xDB37F2b6498d2afB836220ff0403ec618f415903


2. Once you've copied the address:
Open Metamask > Select 'Assets' > Click 'Import Tokens' > Paste in the Contract Address > Click 'Add Custom Token' and you'll see your current token balance > Click 'Import Tokens' and you're done!