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Marcus McKee


"I created MINI Market Makers because I felt that there was a void within the current DeFi space. Most legitimate DeFi platforms offer about as much enjoyment as traditional online banking. The only projects that offer a unique experience have unsustainable tokenomics, or they're outright ponzi schemes...

...with MINI Market Makers, we're focused on creating an enjoyable user experience that includes a fun, interactive UI and cute, collectable NFTs... all with sustainable, profitable investing behind the scenes. The product that I wanted to use did not exist, so we decided to create it ourselves."

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About our Founder

Marcus is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in business and management, and he has experience across a variety of other fields. He built a successful multi-state consulting company from the ground up, and he provides treatment services for individuals on the autism spectrum. Skilled at interpreting data and making data-driven decisions, Marcus is an expert when it comes to organizational performance. He has a Bachelor or Science (BS) degree and a Master of Science (MS) degree from the Florida State University.

In addition to his more formal business career, Marcus has extensive experience with decentralized finance and investing within the general cryptocurrency space. He, along with some of the MINI Market Makers team, have experience actively managing DeFi investments that have been very profitable. He has been heavily focused on yield farming for several years and assists with the management of a large treasury for another DeFi project. Marcus has also done graphic design & web development work as well as FPS multiplayer map design & scripting.