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Yield Farming for EVERYONE

Making Sustainable DeFi Investing Fun & Easy with NFT Staking, Giveaways, and Gamified Rewards

Our First Collection is SOLD OUT - Stay Tuned for Details

on Fun & Unique Ways to Get New MINIs!

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Our Core Values

  • Sustainability

  • Transparency

  • Security

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No Tricky Tokenomics

No Volatile Native Token. No Inflationary Tokenomics. No Rebases or Reflections. No Ponzi-like dependence on New Investors. No Taxes. Just actual profits given to holders in $AVAX.

No False Promises

We do NOT make empty promises of predictable lifetime rewards. We provide all available data on past and predicted performance, allowing users to make their own projections.


We take security VERY seriously! Founder is DOXXED & always available for questions. ALL smart contracts are written in-house, by our team and fully audited by 3rd-party auditors. 

Real, Sustainable Investing

Our expert yield farmers actively manage diversified portfolios, minimizing risk, keeping investments liquid, harvesting rewards safely and consistently.

Aggressive Transparency

Everything that we do to earn rewards for holders is openly visible to the public. Transparency is built into the protocol, and all data is visible within the dApp.

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What are MINI Market Makers?

The MINI Market Makers is a platform that is bringing you a unique way to invest in DeFi. We are developing innovative and creative ways to make yield farming and DeFi investing highly profitable, yet fun and easy, while also giving investors a high-level of control over their investment risk. There is a large technical barrier to entry into the DeFi space, particularly in yield farming. We aim to remove that barrier and provide an easy way for anyone to earn farming rewards by simply purchasing a fun NFT! Eventually, the platform will include integration of partnership NFT collections and a launchpad for new projects to use the staking platform. We are also building a fun system that integrates Play2Earn elements into the staking platform, allowing users to upgrade and customize NFTs as well as defend their longevity by playing an on-chain, tower defense-style game! This vision is going to be executed in several phases over the course of this year.

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MINI Roadmap

See our FULL ROADMAP for more detailed information about all these great things to come!

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Launch 5 Presales

200 MINIs


March/April 2022

All 5 Presale Collections  SOLD OUT Immediately!

Weekly Giveaways for Holders paid in $AVAX

Marketing & Growing Partnerships

dApp in Development

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Phase One

Main Launch - 3,333 MINIs


July 6th (WL)

July 8th (Public)

Mint Funds dispersed to the 3 MINI Treasuries

Funds Invested into Yield Generating Portfolios

3 Weekly Giveaways with Multiple Winners, 1 each for the Bears, Bulls, & Frogs.

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Phase Two

dApp Launch


Q1 2023

Decentralized Application 

for NFT Staking


Choose between various Investment Pools to Earn Farming Rewards Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

GameFi Elements give users control over Investment Risk

& Asset Exposure

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MINI Marketplace &

Partnership Integration



Marketplace allows users to Customize their MINIs & Upgrade to Boost Rewards


Partnership Projects Integrate their NFTs & Participate in Giveaway Staking

IRL Product Launches 

and Launchpad
(Children's Books, Card

Games, & Hot Sauces)

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'MINI Farm' features Evolution System, & P2E Defense Game



Gen 2 NFTs Include Daily Earnings & NFT "Evolution"

Farmer NFTs earn XP to grow their Skills & increase Rewards, moving from 'Apprentice' to 'Retirement'


Farmland NFTs eventually Decay, Life is Extended by Playing Tower Defense-style Game

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Our Goals and Vision for DeFi

Our team shares several core values that drive every aspect of the development of MINI Market Makers products. Our ethics and morals are at the top of that hierarchy. Our goal is to ensure profitability for every, single investor. This platform and investment strategy performs effectively regardless of the number of investors, size of the treasury, or level of hype. We aim to earn investor confidence and claim market share based on the actual performance of our protocol and the consistent value that we provide to MINI holders. This begins with sustainability. True sustainability that extends far beyond buzzwords and empty promises.

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We Work for You

If a project is worthy of your investment, it should provide a valuable service. The product, service, and team must consistently CREATE value for their investors. That is EXACTLY what we do. We put the treasury to work, actively managing farming investments to generate valuable rewards regardless of outside factors. Hype and investor confidence should NOT impact whether a protocol is profitable to investors. This trust should be a direct result of the protocol’s success and profitability, and a team should have to consistently earn and work to keep the trust of a community and their investors. That is the environment we have created for our team, and we aim to consistently produce value and earn the trust of the MINI family day after day.

Your Success is Our Responsibility

We do NOT have a native token, and all rewards are paid in $AVAX. This means that there will be NO unnecessary focus on buy and sell pressure, NO taxes or fees, and ABSOLUTELY no dependence on new buyers to sustain the protocol or pay current holders!

Pressure should NOT be on the buyers and sellers to sustain the value of a protocol. The pressure should absolutely be on the project, the protocol, and the team behind it. Period.

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To EVERYONE that has helped  this project grow to  where we are today...

-Thank you   for your support!